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500*4000mm Carbon Steel 2 Decks Linear Vibrating Screen

500*4000mm Carbon Steel 2 Decks Linear Vibrating Screen

  • 500*4000mm Carbon Steel 2 Decks Linear Vibrating Screen
  • 500*4000mm Carbon Steel 2 Decks Linear Vibrating Screen
  • 500*4000mm Carbon Steel 2 Decks Linear Vibrating Screen
500*4000mm Carbon Steel 2 Decks Linear Vibrating Screen
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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: AAREAL
Certification: ISO9001:2015
Model Number: AZ
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Detailed Product Description
Motion: Linear Vibration Motion Layers Of Screen: 1~6 Layers Of Screen
Screen Frame: Wooden Frame, Carbon Steel Frame, Stainless Steel Frame, End-tensioned Screen Etc. Mesh Size: 0.074mm~15mm
Material: Carbon Steel, Titanium Materials, Stainless Steel Etc. Mesh Cleaning Method: Boucing Balls, Ultrasonic Deblinding System Etc.
Optional: Quick-open Clamps, Pneumatic Lifting Device Etc. Motor Power: (0.4KW~3.7KW) *2 Units
Surface Treatment: Plastic Spraying, Spray Paint, Mirror Polishing, Sand Blasting Etc. Screen Width: 500mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm Etc.
Screen Length: 1500mm, 2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm, 4000mm, 4500mm Etc. Application: Chemical Industry, Food Industry, Mining Industry Etc.

500*4000mm Carbon Steel 2 Decks Linear Vibrating Screen


This is a 2-deck linear vibrating screen, screen width 500mm, screen length 4000mm, made of carbon steel (Q235). It can be used to convey material while screening.

What is Linear Vibrating Screen? Linear vibrating screen is also know as rectangular separator, rectangular vibrating separator, linear vibrating sieve etc. It uses 2 vibration motors as the driving source. When two vibration motors rotate synchronously and in opposite directions, the exciting forces generated by their eccentric blocks cancel each other out in the direction parallel to the motor axis and add up to a resultant force in the direction perpendicular to the motor axis, so the motion trajectory of the screen is a straight line. The two motor shafts have an inclination angle in the vertical direction relative to the screen surface. Under the combined force of the exciting force and the self-weight of the material, the material is thrown up and jumped or moves forward in a straight line on the screen surface, thereby achieving the purpose of screening and grading the material. It is suitable for screening various dry powdery or granular materials with a particle size of 0.074-5mm, a water content of less than 7%, and no viscosity. The feed particle size is not more than 10mm.

The linear vibrating sieve is mainly composed of screen box, screen frame, screen, vibration motor, motor base, vibration damping spring, bracket etc.

500*4000mm Carbon Steel 2 Decks Linear Vibrating Screen 0
  1. Screen box: It is welded by several steel plates of different thicknesses, has certain strength and rigidity, and is the main component of the screen machine.
  2. Screen frame: It is made of pine or wood with small deformation, mainly used to keep the screen flat and achieve normal screening.
  3. Screen: There are several screens such as low carbon steel, brass, bronze, stainless steel wire, etc.
  4. Vibration motor (For details on the use and maintenance methods, please refer to the vibration motor instruction manual).
  5. Motor base: Install the vibration motor, and the connecting screws must be tightened before use, especially in the first three days of the trial of the new screen machine, and must be tightened repeatedly to avoid loosening and causing accidents.
  6. Vibration damping spring: It prevents vibration from being transmitted to the ground, and supports the entire weight of the screen box. When installing, the spring must be perpendicular to the ground.
  7. Bracket: It consists of four pillars and two channel steels, supporting the screen box. When installing, the pillars must be perpendicular to the ground, and the channel steels under the two pillars should be parallel to each other.

The rectangular vibrating screen is commonly used to screen ferrosilicon, sand, pepper particles, wheat bran, pumpkin seeds, silicon powder, sugar, Chinese medicine, betel nut, silicon carbide powder, stone, activated carbon particles, soil, gravel, millet, slurry, shell, cooked sesame, machine-made sand, chrysanthemum, quartz sand, construction waste, coke powder, plastic particles, river sand and other materials.

500*4000mm Carbon Steel 2 Decks Linear Vibrating Screen 1

Main Technical Parameters of Linear Vibrating Sieve:

Model Screen Size
Layers of Screen Mesh Size Capacity
Frequency Double Amplitude
Angle Dimension (L*W*H) (mm)
AZ-515 500×1500 1-5 2-200 0.12-20 960 6-8 2×0.37 45-60 2140×808×848
AZ-520 500×2000 2-200 0.12-20 960 6-8 2×0.37 45-60 2140×808×848
AZ-525 500×2500 2-200 0.12-20 960 6-8 2×0.55 45-60 2750×808×938
AZ-1020 100×2000 2-200 0.11-20 960 6-8 2×0.55 45-60 2219×1320×960
AZ-1025 1000×2500 2-200 0.18-15 960 6-8 2×0.75 45-60 2269×1320×960
AZ-1030 1000×2500 2-200 0.1-20 960 6-8 2×1.1 45-60 3219×1340×1120

Our company can make various screening equipments according to different screening requirment, such as Rotex type gyratory screen for detergent, Apex type side access door gyratory screener for frac sand, Sweco type gyratory sifter for silica sand, tumbler screening machine for aluminium oxide powder, high frequency screen for calcium carbonate etc. Welcome to send us RFQs if you have such requirement.


Introduction of 500*4000mm Carbon Steel 2 Decks Linear Vibrating Screen:

500*4000mm Carbon Steel 2 Decks Linear Vibrating Screen is a standard and universal linear-motion vibration type sieving equipments. With low power consumption, large output, simple structure,easy maintenance, fully enclosed structure, no dust, automatic nesting, more suitable for pipeline operations. The linear vibro sifter is the efficient new screening equipment widely used in food, refractory materials, building materials, mining, coal, metallurgy, light industry, chemical industry etc..


Technical Parameters of 500*4000mm Carbon Steel 2 Decks Linear Vibrating Screen:

Model Nominal Size (mm) Particle Size (mm) Leaning Angle of Screen (°) Amplitude (mm) Layer Power (Kw)
AZ-520 500*2000 0.074~10 0~7° 4~10 1~6 2*(0.4~0.75)
AZ-525 500*2500 2*(0.4~0.75)
AZ-530 500*3000 2*(0.4~0.75)
AZ-1020 1000*2000 2*(0.4~0.75)
AZ-1025 1000*2500 2*(0.4~1.1)
AZ-1030 1000*3000 2*(1.1~1.5)
AZ-1040 1000*4000 2*(1.1~1.5)
AZ-1225 1200*2500 2*(1.1~1.5)
AZ-1235 1200*3500 2*(1.1~2.2)
AZ-1250 1200*5000 2*(1.1~2.2)
AZ-1535 1500*3500 2*(1.1~2.2)
AZ-1560 1500*6000 2*(2.2~3.7)
AZ-1845 1800*4500 0.074~15 2*(2.2~3.7)
AZ-2050 2000*5000 2*(2.2~3.7)
AZ-2060 2000*6000 2*(2.2~3.7)

Note: The data in the table are for reference only. Our company reserve the right to modify the above data.


Characteristics of 500*4000mm Carbon Steel 2 Decks Linear Vibrating Screen:

1. Movable screening process
At the same time of screening, the material has been transported over long distances.


2. Easy to repace screens and parts
Using a special grid structure design, the screens and parts can be easily changed and tighten.

3. High capacity and Friendly working space
With excellent structuer of machine and motors, the output is very high and working noise is low.

4. High sieving precision
The material has a long stroke on the screen surface, high screening precision and large processing capacity.

5. Flexible machine structures
Different shapes and structures can be designed according to the production site.

6. Suitable for different screening sizes
Change the screen spacing and inclination according to material size, permeability probability and productivity

7. Low maintenance cost and long service time
All parts of the screen body are welded properly with excellent steel plates,and the overall rigidity is good, firm and reliable for very long time.

8. Good sealing and minimal dust spillage
Fully enclosed structure, automatic discharge lead to nearly zero rate of dust spillage.


Important Information About 500*4000mm Carbon Steel 2 Decks Linear Vibrating Screen:

Model AZ-515, 520, 525, 1025, 1030, 1040, 1225, 1230, 1235, 1535, 1550 etc.
Shape rectangular shape
Motion linear vibrating motion
Structural Composition screen box, mesh screens, double vibration motors, motor base, damping springs, support stands etc.
Vibrating Motor adopts two units of horizontal vibrating motors, synchronous reverse rotation
Applicable Material suitable for sieving 0.074mm~10mm non-sticky materials with moisture content less than 7%
Screen Surface Angle horizontal or inclined (0°~7°)
Layers of Screen 1~6 layers of screen (The higher layers can be customized according to the actual situation)
Screen Frame carbon steel screen frame, stainless steel screen frame, wooden screen frame, end-tensioned screen structure etc.
Mesh Cleaning Method bouncing balls, ultrasonic system etc.
Material carbon steel, titanium material, stainless steel 304/316L etc.
Screen Size screen width*length 500*2000mm, 500*2500mm, 1000*2000mm, 1000*2500mm, 1000*3000mm, 1000*4000mm, 1200*2500mm, 1200*3500mm, 1200*4000mm, 1500*3500mm, 1500*5000mm etc.
Application chemical fertilizer, urea, sand, refractory material, lysine, plastic particle, organic fertilizer, limestone, fodder, feeding stuff, tea etc.
Surface Treatment mirror polishing, sand blasting, plastic spraying, spray paint etc.


Working Principle of 500*4000mm Carbon Steel 2 Decks Linear Vibrating Screen:

500*4000mm Carbon Steel 2 Decks Linear Vibrating Screen 2

   The rectangular vibrating sifter adopts vibration motor excitation as the source of vibration, so that the material was tossed in the sieve,while forward in a straight line material evenly into the screening machine feeder feed port, multi-layer mesh specifications of sieve, sieve material, respectively, discharged from their exports.

   There are two ways to install the vibration motor of the linear vibrating sifter:

1. Bottom mounted: Installed below (common used)

2. Bilateral: Installed on both sides


Structural Composition of 500*4000mm Carbon Steel 2 Decks Linear Vibrating Screen:

The rectangular vibrating screens are mainly composed of screen box, screen frames, screen, vibration motor, electric pedestal, damping spring, frame and so on.

1. Screen Mesh: the screen mesh is perforated plate. The overall stiffness is good, solid and reliable.

2. Screen box: welded by steel plate, with certain strength and rigidity, it is the main component of screen machine.

3. Vibration damping spring: to prevent vibration from passing to the ground and support the full weight of the screen box. When installing, the spring must be perpendicular to the ground.
4. Motor pedestal: the motor pedestal of the down vibration type of sieve machine (the motor is installed under the sieve box) can be moved. The connecting screw must be tightened before using, Especially the new screening machine must be repeatedly tightened three days before trial, so as to avoid accidents caused by loosening.

5. Vibration motor: the vibration motor use and maintenance method to see the vibration motor operating instructions.
6. Brackets: the bracket is used to support the screen box. It must be mounted perpendicular to the ground during installation. The bracket and sieve body part shall be joined by the compression spring.


Application of 500*4000mm Carbon Steel 2 Decks Linear Vibrating Screen:

1. Mining industry: kaolin, alumina, carbon, quartz sand,titanium oxide, zinc oxide, etc.

2. Food industry: jelly bean, sugar, salt, milk powder, yeast powder, alkali, gourmet powder, starch, pollen, food additive, bean milk, juice, etc.
3. Chemical industry: medicine, grease, resin, pigment, paint, palette, cosmetic, etc.

4. Metallurgy industry: aluminum powder, lead powder, copper powder, ore, alloy powder ,electrode powder, manganese dioxide, electrolytic copper powder, electric magnetic material, polishing powder, refractory material, etc.

5. Mechanical industry: powder metallurgy, casting sand, electromagnetic material and metal powder, etc.
6. Paper-making industry: coated slurry, exhaust liquid, paper making liquid and waste water reclamation, etc.
7. Abrasive material and ceramic industry: mica, alumina, abrasive, refractory material, slurry, building sand, etc.
8. Pollution treatment: waste oil, waste water,additives, activated carbon,etc.



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