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1500*5000mm Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand

1500*5000mm Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand

  • 1500*5000mm Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand
  • 1500*5000mm Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand
  • 1500*5000mm Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand
1500*5000mm Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: AAREAL
Certification: ISO9001:2015
Model Number: AD
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Plastic film for the machine body, and plywood wooden case (fumigation-free) for the spare parts such as screens etc.
Delivery Time: 15~35 work days after order confirmed
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 5 sets per month
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Detailed Product Description
Motion: Gyratory Reciprocating Motion, Circular-elliptical-linear Motion Discharge Port: At The Bottom Of The Machine, Can Also Be Made In Front Of The Machine
Installation Method: Cable Suspension, Floor Mounting (optional) Composition: Screen Box, Cover, Base, Exciter, Motor, Special Screen, Compensating Clamps, Clips, Drag Link, Graphite Block Etc.
Screen: Automatically Tensioned Screen, Stainless Steel Mesh Cleaning Device: Mesh Cleaning Balls: Rubber Ball, Silicone Ball, Polyurethane Ball
Drive Device: Exciter, Belt And Motor Compensating Clamps: Clamp Handle Assemblies Made By Ourselves
Clips: 3 Kinds Of Clips, Made By Ourselves Drag Link: Drag Link Assemblies Are Made By Ourselves

1500*5000mm Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand


Our company can make Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand, 1~3 layers of screens, Max. length 5000mm. It is easy to replace the screen, and it is no need to replace the whole layer of screen when it is broken, which save much cost.

  In the production of silica sand or quartz sand, frac sand, petroleum proppant etc., people want to improve the quality of the finished product while increasing the production capacity, which must consider improving the screening accuracy. Most of the users may choose Multi-deck Gyratory Sifter to achieve the purpose of screening. The Max. size we can make for this equipment is 2000*3600mm (or 2000*4000mm). Well, the capacity and screening accuracy of this gyratory sifter is greatly improved compared to the linear vibrating screen, but it also presents some shortcomings:

(1) This kind of screening equipment is too high, which is not very easy to maintain: replace the screen, or replace and repair the exciter (drive part).

(2) Long-term continuous operation (for example, 24 hours per day operation) of the equipment will generate a lot of heat. Since the exciter (drive part) is closed, there will be problems of timely heat dissipation. The exciter is prone to failure.

(3) The front or back of the screen machine needs to reserve a large screen replacement space. Take 2000*3600mm machine for an example, you need to reserve at least 4000mm long in the length direction.

(4) If one layer of screen is broken, then people need to replace the whole screen of this layer. The screen cost is more expensive.

1500*5000mm Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand 0

For our side door type gyratory screen, there are more advantages in comparison.

(1) It is not very high. The height of the hanging frame is only about 2~2.3 meters. And the screen box height is less than 2 meters.

(2) The drive head is at the front of the machine, which will be easier to dissipate heat. Besides, if the drive head needs to be repaired, the user only needs to remove the drive head without removing the screen frames in the screen box.

(3) When the screen is broken, you only need to replace this piece of screen, and no need to replace the entire layer of screens. Save much cost.

(4) When replacing the screen, just open the door on the side of the screen box. Only a small space is required for maintenance. And it is fast to replace a screen.

(5) The discharge ports can be made at the bottom of the screen box for quick discharge or easy connection with the production line.

1500*5000mm Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand 1


  If you want to make a very long side accesss door gyratory screen, the Max. length we can do for you is 5000mm. In this case, the maximum width we recommend is 1500mm. If make the width 1800mm, then the Max. length we suggest is 3600mm. And considering the long term operation of the equipment, we suggest Max. 1500*5000mm instead of 1800*3600mm. Because the 1800*3600mm it too heavy, and it needs to use a very large drive head, which may result in a high failure rate if it is operated for a long time.

Our company can make different kinds of Gyratory Screen or Gyratory Sifter. Gyratory screener can be used for screening sugar, salt, silica sand, frac sand, fertilizer, urea, limestone, calcium carbonate, petroleum coke, activated carbon, graphite, plastic particles etc., , with large capacity and high screening accuracy. If you are sourcing a gyratory screener in the market now, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Introduction of 1500*5000mm Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand:

What is the Rotex Gyratory Screening Separator for Activated Charcoal Carbon? The gyratory screening machine is also called gyratory screen, gyratory screener, gyratory separator, gyratory sifter, gyratory screening machine, Rotex screen, Rotex screening machine, Rotex separator, planar rotary screen, plane rotary screen, rotary flat sieve, flat screen, square precision screening machine, reciprocating screen etc.

   The gyratory screen is mainly designed for large capacity and fine screening needs.

   Our AD model gyratory screen sifter is one of the best seller of our company compare with other kinds of sieving equipments. And the performance of this gyratory screen have been proven by many customers in different industry applications.


Please let me know the following questions in order to recommend you the suitable model for gyratory screen:
1. What kind of raw material you want to process? Does this material have special physical or chemical properties? Such as wet, high temperature, corrosive etc.
2. How many screen decks do you require for the machine?
3. The mesh size of each layer.
4. The voltage and hertz.
5. What kind of material do you prefer for the machine? Carbon steel, or SS304 /316 stainless steel?


Useful Information You Can't Miss About 1500*5000mm Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand:

Moving Trajectory gyratory reciprocating motion: circular motion at feed end, elliptical motion at center, and linear motion at discharge end
Drive Device general motor + exciter + belt
Layers of Screen 1~4 layers of screen available
Screen Size upper screen width*length 500*1500mm, 1000*2100mm, 1000*3000mm, 1500*3000mm, 1500*3600mm, 1800*3600mm, 1800*4000mm, 2000*5000mm etc.
Motor Brand Siemens, or according to customer requirements
Spare Parts the special screen, drive exciter, drag link, compensating clamps, clips are made by ourselves
Discharge Port usually at the bottom of the machine, it can also be made at the back of the machine
Material carbon steel, contact parts stainless steel, total stainless steel (optional)
Installation floor seat installation, cable suspension installation
Mesh Cleaning Method use mesh cleaning balls to clean the screen mesh. Rubber ball, silicone ball, polyurethane ball etc.


Advantages of 1500*5000mm Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand:

1. ball cleaning system

2. double-balanced motor system

3. convenient and quick compensating clamps for head cover

4. unique gyratory reciprocating motion

5. automatic screen surface tension device


Performance and Features​ of 1500*5000mm Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand:
1. Lower headroom permits operation in confined areas, reducing cost of building and maintenance.

2. All components are easily accessible and removable for ease of disassembly and cleaning.
3. No vertical vibration, longer life span of mesh (6~12 months).

4. Less conveying equipment is required for elevating material to the feed point.
5. Greater product yields at higher production rates.
6. Low energy consumption.
7. High screening efficiency.
8. Create low noise pollution.
9. Every layer is installed an anti-blocking and cleaning facility and able to clean mesh while sieving.
10. Exterior is designed for easy cleaning. Exterior permanent joints are either welded continuously, or strip welded and filled with epoxy.

Working Principle of 1500*5000mm Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand:

  The gyratory vibrating screen could spreads the material across the full width of the screen surface, the material flow thickness will be thiner than other sifting equipment. The material will be easy to be sifting becasuse thiner the flow bed.


Feeding Port → Round Motion → Elliptic Motion → Linear Motion → Discharge Port

Gyratory Screen Machine for Silica Sand

 1. The materials do the reciprocating-gyratory motion along with the gyratory screen running, and there is not vertical jump during the gyratory screen running period, the little size material will go to the bottom of the flow bed along moving forward, the material particle will pass the mesh aperture when the particle size is less than the gyratory sifter aperture size. The reciprocating gyratory motion will make the material flow bed touch the screener mesh surface with longer time for increasing the screening efficiency.

 2. The reciprocating gyratory motion of the Rotex gyratory screener will spread the material flow bed evenly along with the screener mesh bed after material fall into the inlet, the material flow bed will be very thin after being spread, it is good for material screening , and the material screening precision and capacity will be increased.


 3. The screen deck of gyratory screening equipment consist of mesh, spring clamp, ball trays and self-cleaning balls. The self-cleaning balls jump ceaselessly along with gyratory screen operation, the ball could hit the screen mesh in order to let the mesh vibration, so the material blocked in the mesh aperture or adhered to the mesh surface will be cleaned out, it could make sure the aperture ratio so guarantee the screening efficiency.

 4. The gyratory screen do not have vertical vibration, so it do not have much load request on the base foundation, it is much lower than the vibration type screening machine, so the gyratory screener could save steel structure cost, the customer do not need to consider the install load limited.

Gyratory Screen Machine for Silica Sand

Technical Parameters of 1500*5000mm Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand:

There are different models of Rotex Type Gyratory Vibrating Screen Sifter for your reference, and we will choose a suitable model according to your specific materials and application.


Model Screen Surface Specification (W*L) (mm) Screen Box Stroke (mm) Motor













Rotation Rate (rpm)
1 AD-1014-1 1000*1400 63.5 1.5 960 2731 962 1168 1200 715
AD-1021-1 1000*2100 63.5 1.5 960 3285 962 1156 1200 980
AD-1030-1 1000*3000 63.5 1.5 960 4484 1035 1194 1251 1200
AD-1521-1 1500*2100 63.5 1.5 960 3460 1003 1708 1759 1380
AD-1530-1 1500*3000 76 2.2 960 4232 1362 1778 1892 1340
AD-1536-1 1500*3600 76 5.5 960 5098 1352 1956 2048 2410
2 AD-1236-2 1200*3600 76 5.5 960 5263 1327 2464 2556 2020
AD-1021-2 1000*2100 63.5 1.5 960 3743 1121 1308 1378 1400
AD-1030-2 1000*3000 76 4 960 4575 1317 1270 1546 1840
AD-1521-2 1500*2100 63.5 4 960 3728 1330 1781 1946 1710
AD-1836-2 1800*3600 76 7.5 960 5305 1500 2256 2459 3880
AD-1530-2 1500*3000 76 7.5 960 4765 1397 1956 2159 2780
AD-1536-2 1500*3600 76 7.5 960 5365 1368 2032 2019 3180




AD-1021-3 1000*2100 63.5 5.5 960 4854 1422 1435 1549 2150
AD-1530-3 1500*3000 76 5.5 960 4765 1391 1956 2159 3200
AD-1836-3 1800*3600 76 7.5 960 5200 1500 2400 2500 4170
AD-2050-3 2000*5000 92 11 960 5400 2000 2750 2810 5500


Application of 1500*5000mm Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand:

Carbon products: coking coal, graphite, charcoal etc.

Chemical products: hundreds of different compounds

Clay: product classification

Abrasive: glass beads, slag, alumina, sand and other abrasive materials

Animal feed: feed powder and chips, meat paste and small food

Fertilizer: raw material sieving and finished product fine screening.

Paper: paper pulp, coating

Fiberboard: wood chips, flaking, bits of wood, to make high quality fiberboard

Drug: many large drug manufacturers use our screening machines, which meet the health standard design and GMP, to achieve precise and effectiveseparation and cleaning

Plastic: plastic particles, plastic powder

Powder metal: aluminum, copper, iron, nickel, steel, zinc and many other metal powders

Recycling of resources: used in the recycling of various materials, such as PET recycling etc.

Steel-making: classification of steel shot and metal filing

Including ammonium nitrate, phosphate, potassium hydroxide, urea and other compounds

Food: sugar, flour, milk powder, coffee, cereals, rice, nuts, condiments, cocoa powder, glucose, starch etc.

Grain cleaning: corn, wheat, soybean and other cereals peeling and cleaning

Ore: ore, rubble, limestone, soda ash and salt


1500*5000mm Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand 4


Installation Method of China Manufacturer Large Capacity Rotex Gyratory Screen Sifter For Screening Wood Chips:

1. Seat Installation or Floor Mounting:

1500*5000mm Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand 51500*5000mm Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand 6

                      Forward Type                                                Direct Discharge Type


2. Cable Suspension Installation:

1500*5000mm Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand 71500*5000mm Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand 8

                                                        Cable Suspension Type


Photo and Video of China Manufacturer Large Capacity Rotex Gyratory Screen Sifter For Screening Wood Chips:

1500*5000mm Side Access Door Gyratory Screen for Silica Sand 9




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