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What are the common sizes of rotary vibrating screen

What are the common sizes of rotary vibrating screen

  • What are the common sizes of rotary vibrating screen
  • What are the common sizes of rotary vibrating screen
  • What are the common sizes of rotary vibrating screen
What are the common sizes of rotary vibrating screen
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: AAREAL
Certification: ISO9001:2015
Model Number: AY
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Detailed Product Description
Diameter: 400mm~2000mm Motion: Three Dimensional Vibrating Movement
Screen Frame: Bolt Insert Type, Glue Adhesive Type, Flange Type Etc. Mesh Cleaning Method: Balls, Ultrasonic Deblinding System, Rotary Brush System Etc.
Motor: One Unit Of Vibrating Motor, Verticle Arrangement Application: Impurity Removal, Filtering, Particle Size Grading, De-watering, De-dusting, Lump Breaking, Cooling, Size Control Etc.

What are the common sizes of rotary vibrating screen?


Rotary vibrating screen is a very classic vibration screening equipment for fine screening and filtration. According to different production capacity requirements, different specifications of rotary vibrating sieve can be selected. Then what are the common sizes of rotary vibrating screen?

  AAREAL company can make various sizes of rotary vibro sieve, from diameter 400mm to 2000mm, for example, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm etc.. And we can customize the size according to customer’s special requirements.


Introduction of Rotary Vibrating Screen:

Rotary Vibrating Screen is also known as round separator, rotary vibro screen, rotary vibro sieve, gyro screen etc. It is suitable to sieve power, which is light density, low humidity, easy adhesion or a static of the powder and super fine powder, and improve the sieving efficiency. It is widely used in carbonize silicon,alloy powder,tungsten powder,aluminum powder,rubbing powder etc. it can completely solve the difficult technology problems that other screening machines can not solve.


Important Information You May Concern About Rotary Vibrating Screen:

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Model AY
Shape circular or round shape
Layers of Screen 1~5 layers of screen with 2~6 outlets (suggest 1~3 layers)
Mesh Size above 325 mesh
Screen Frame adhesive type, L type, ultrasonic type (transducer internal and external) etc.
Mesh Cleaning Method balls, ultrasonic system, rotary brush system etc.
Machine Diameter 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm etc.
Material stainless steel 304, 316L, carbon steel etc.
Function grading, solid-separation, remove the impurity etc.
Movement three dimensional vibration motion
Damping Spring carbon steel spring, stainless steel spring, air spring, rubber spring etc.
Motor verticle vibrating motor
Motor Brand China Made, OLI-WOLONG or other brand 
Optional Design magnetic guard, quick release clamp, discharge gate, glass viewing port etc.


Structure Diagram of Rotary Vibrating Screen:

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Features of Rotary Vibrating Screen​:

1. Fine screening.
On the rotary vibrating screen, the screen cloth is stainless steel wire woven mesh, the finest reach to 600 mesh (0.02mm). And the Counterweight Fast Adjustment System can control to regulate the material motion on screen cloth, and keep longer screening time to finish fine screening.


2. Good adaptability.
The rotary vibrating screen height could be customized specially based on customer requirement. Its outlet could be placed at 360 degree. It is very convenient to match other equipments in a production line. With IP65 protective grade motor, it could work against the ultrafine dust, liquid filtering and separating, high and low temperature, etc.


3. Rapid screen replacement:
The rotary vibrating screen adopts a very simple design to tension and install screen cloth, it is very easy to replace. Two staff could finish replacing in 10 minutes. The downtime could be reduced.


4. Fast adjustment counterweight system.
The vibrator motor is the key part of the machine. Its counterweights angle impact directly the material movement on screen cloth. To meet the needs of different screening, user have to adjust the counterweight angle and vibration force. The Fast Adjustment Counterweight System can help user to regulate the vibration force and material movement in a few minutes without dismantling machine. It is also very helpful to reduce downtime and improve the productivity.


5. Pollution-free production line.
Connected with soft hose to use, it can realize full-sealing working. No dust, no float powder, no liquid splashing, it is very suitable for sanitary production line, dust-free workshop, and also very helpful to safeguard your staff healthy.


6. Customize service
Various power voltages: 110V 220V 240V 380V 415V 450V 550V 600V etc., different power frequencies, 50HZ or 60HZ, and even single phase electricity.
The mobile wheel, viewing hole, Valve, magnets, and frequency converter are available according to user's requirements.
The label service and OEM order are also available.


Basic Function of Rotary Vibrating Screen:

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What are the common sizes of rotary vibrating screen 3


1. Solid-liquid separation
The mixture of solid and liquid can be separated effectively by single or multi-layer type into different grade materials.


2. Grading
Each model of vibrating sieve machine can precisely and continuously screen and separate screened products, the multi-layer type can screen and separate five groups of different particles at a time. It is suitable for dry materials.


3. Remove the impurity
The model can quickly separate a few oversize or undersized particles from a quantity of materials.


Application of Rotary Vibrating Screen:

1. Food Industry: sugar, amylum, rice powder, milk powder, soyabean milk, angel cake, sauce, juice.

2. Chemical Industry: colophony, dope, industry leechdom, cosmetic, paint

3. Paper-Making Industry: dope,white soil slurry, black and white liquid, disposed liquid, paper-making liquid and waste water recycling.
4. Grinding Materials And china Industry: quartz, slurry, kaoline, carborundum, alumina, sprayer dust.
5. Metallurgy, Mining Industry: aluminum powder, welding rod powder, dioxide manganese, electrolyze copper powder, ceruse, copper powder, ore alloy powder, electromagnetic material, rubbing powder, fire-proof material, kaoline, lime, heavy calcium carbonate.


Optional Designs for Rotary Vibrating Screen:

1. Discharge Gate: it is used to control production flow and speed. This enables a better flow and provides consistent discharge characteristics from even surfaces. However, the discharge rate might differ from the ratio and diameter of the discharge pipe.
2. Quick Release Clamp: it is used for releasing camps rings without the need to use tools. While the other side of the clamp is used for tightening. It is mostly used for cleaning and dissembling purposes.

3. Spring Dust Cover: it is used to provide additional protection against dust and other particles by the strength of the springs, which is determined by the rollers which are also spring-loaded.

4. Customised Dust Cover: it is used to reduce any leaks from the machine. It also helps reduce airborne dust from flowing on the steam or conveyer belt. This device is made custom to fit your production line.
5. Magnetic Guard: it is used for preventing any contamination and also to ensure that manufacturing is done safely and free from any irregularities. It captures particles with the use of high magnetic strength. The collected contaminants are then unleashed into the discharge chutes.


Optional APO Safety System (Automatic Power Off Safety System):

The APO Safety System is integrated in the motor. In case of short circuit, phase loss, electric leakage and unstable voltage, the motor can cut off the power automatically to safeguard the machine and your staff.


Technical Parameters of Rotary Vibrating Screen:

Model Power Screen Surface Diameter Effective Screening Area (m2) Screen Decks
AY-400 0.18 KW 350mm 0.0962 1~3
AY-600 0.25 KW 550mm 0.2375 1~3
AY-800 0.55 KW 750mm 0.4416 1~3
AY-1000 0.75 KW 920mm 0.6644 1~3
AY-1200 1.1 KW 1120mm 0.9847 1~3
AY-1500 1.5 KW 1420mm 1.5829 1~3
AY-1800 2.2 KW 1720mm 2.3223 1~3
AY-2000 3.0 KW 1920mm 2.89 1~3


Overall Dimensions of Rotary Vibrating Screen:

What are the common sizes of rotary vibrating screen 4

Model A B C D E F G I Single Layer Height Double Layer Height




AY-400 472 372 150 400 110 60 300 270 550 660 770
AY-600 570 450 200 600 120 80 380 340 730 865 1000
AY-800 690 570 200 800 130 100 550 340 730 865 1000
AY-1000 810 690 250 970 150 120 650 400 790 925 1060
AY-1200 970 850 250 1170 180 130 760 450 860 1025 1190
AY-1500 1180 1060 250 1470 200 140 950 480 985 1180 1370
AY-1800 1480 1360 350 1770 220 150 1110 520 1030 1220 1410


Working Principle of Rotary Vibrating Screen​​​:

  The multi-deck rotary vibating sifter separator adopts the latest vertical vibrating motor, which produces a horizontal, vertical and oblique vibration of three dimensional, and then directly passes the vibration to screen surface. Changing the angle of the upper and lower eccentric block of the motor, it produces different exciting force, and the direction in which the material is running is changed.

The rotary vibrating screen filter sieve machine is made up of spring buffer, base, upper and lower heavy hammer,vibrating motor, screen frame, clamp ring, vibrating body, inlet and outlet port, dust proof cover and other parts. The exciting force will generate by the rotation of vibrating motor. The exciting force drives the vibrating body to vibrate. So the materials on the screen cloth can shake to reach the objective that filters different grade materials., The adjustable eccentric hammer is driven to the center line through the motor, caused centrifuged force under the state of unbalance and so that the materials from regular spiral. Speed and track of materials on the screen can be controlled by adjusting the angle of the two eccentric weights.


  The general characteristics of the vibrator adjustment are described below:

What are the common sizes of rotary vibrating screen 5

What are the common sizes of rotary vibrating screen 6


In addition to round separator, our company also produces flow-thru vibrating separator, linear vibrating screen, airflow screen, centrifugal screen, vortex screen, turbo-screen air classifier, tumbler screening machine, gyratory screen, gyratory sifter, high-frequency vibrating screen, Mogensen vibrating screen, trommel screen, dewatering screen, electromagnetic test sieve shaker, rotap sieve shaker, vibrating conveyor etc. Welcome to visit our website https://www.aarealmachine.com and send to us RFQs if you have any.


rotary vibrating screenrotary vibrating screen


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