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Double Cylinder Crushing And Grinding Equipment Vertical Mill Grinding Equipment

Double Cylinder Crushing And Grinding Equipment Vertical Mill Grinding Equipment

  • Double Cylinder Crushing And Grinding Equipment Vertical Mill Grinding Equipment
Double Cylinder Crushing And Grinding Equipment Vertical Mill Grinding Equipment
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: AAREAL
Certification: ISO9001:2015
Model Number: 2ZM
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Fumigation-free Plywood wooden case for export
Delivery Time: 20~30 work days after order confirmed
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets per month
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Detailed Product Description
Feeding Particle Size: 0~25mm Drive Device: General Motor + Vibration Exciter
Grinding Method: Dry Method, Wet Method, Open Circuit, Closed Circuit Structural Composition: Chassis, Body Bracket, Soundproof Cover, Machine Body, Grinding Cylinder, Vibration Exciter, Lining Plate, Elastic Support, Grinding Medium And Drive Motor
Grinding Medium: Ceramic Ball, Stainless Steel Ball, Manganses Steel Ball, Manganese Steel Rod Grinding Lining: Rigid Manganese Steel Lining, Ceramic Lining, Polyurethane Lining
Advantages: High Vibration Intensity, High Milling Efficiency, Low Power Consumption, Low Noise, Compact Structure And Convenient Installation And Maintenance Application: Mineral Processing, Building Materials, Abrasive Materials, Powder Metallurgy, Electric Power, Ceramics, Refractory Materials, Magnetic Materials, Chemicals, Food
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Double Cylinder Crushing And Grinding Equipment Vertical Mill Grinding Equipment


Overview of Double Cylinder Vertical Vibration Mill:
2ZM series double cylinder vertical vibration mill is a new type of energy-saving grinding equipment. It has obvious advantages over the traditional rotary mill in grinding fine powder and ultra-fine powder materials (2~5 times higher efficiency and 20%-30% lower energy consumption).
  The double cylinder vertical vibration mill has the advantages of high vibration intensity, high milling efficiency, low power consumption, low noise, compact structure and convenient installation and maintenance etc. This machine can be widely used in mineral processing, building materials, abrasive materials, powder metallurgy, electric power, ceramics, refractory materials, magnetic materials, chemicals, food and other industries. It is an ideal replacement product for ball mills.
Structure and Working Principle of Double Cylinder Vertical Vibration Mill:
  The machine is mainly composed of a chassis, a body bracket, a soundproof cover, a machine body, a grinding cylinder, a vibration exciter, a lining plate, an elastic support, a grinding medium and a drive motor.
1. The chassis supports the body through elastic support and keeps the flexible connection distance between the driving motor and the vibrating body unchanged.
2. The soundproof cover is used to block the noise generated by the mill during operation, in order to reduce the impact of noise on the whole working area.
3. The machine body is fastened with a grinding cylinder and is equipped with a vibration exciter.
4. The grinding cylinder is the working body of the mill for grinding, which is used to hold the grinding medium and grinding material.
5. The vibration exciter is used for converting the rotating torque of the motor into the periodic vibration of the mill.
6. The lining plate is closely attached to the inner wall of the grinding cylinder to protect the grinding cylinder. When the material is vibrated in the grinding cylinder, the inner wall of the grinding cylinder is also greatly worn at the same time, and the lining plate which is easy to replace in the grinding cylinder can improve the service life of the whole machine.
7. The elastic support makes the mill body in an elastic state, and substantially isolates the vibration shock to the base when the body vibrates.
8. The grinding medium is the grinding body of the mill, and is used for impact grinding of the material.
9. The motor supplies energy to the mill for grinding.
  When the power is turned on, the motor drives the exciter to rotate through the flexible coupling, generating sufficient exciting force to make the mill body enter the ring periodic vibration state, and the vibrating pendulum impact force is continuously transmitted to all the materials loaded into the grinding cylinde (i.e the medium and the material to be ground). The ground material is pulverized and ground by the mutual impact between the grinding medium and the material to be ground.
Installation and Adjustment of Double Cylinder Vertical Vibration Mill:
  The motor bracket of the machine is bolted to the chassis. When installing, after leveling the frame, the body part of the mill is placed on the elastic support, and the motor shaft and the machine spindle (exciter shaft) are aligned on the same center line, and connect the flexible coupling.
  The following work must be done well before the machine is turned on.
  1. Fill in the grinding medium. No grinding medium, do not start the machine, in case that the machine is too light to cause a run-away accident.
  2. Connect circulating water for cooling. Circulating water has two functions: one is to reduce the temperature during bearing operation to protect the bearing; the other is to absorb the heat generated during vibration grinding in the vibrating grinding cylinder by adding the circulating water in the jacket to the material which can not withstand the higher vibration grinding temperature.
  3. The sound-proof cover is installed to reduce the influence of the machine noise on the working area.
  4. The motor power of this series of vibration mill is relatively large, and it is recommended to use step-down start to reduce the impact on the power grid during start-up. In general, special electric cabinet is not configured. Special requirements can be customized separately.
  5. If require continuous automatic feeding and continuous automatic discharging, our factory can configure automatic feeding and discharging device for users.
  6. According to the different grinding materials, the required vibration grinding strength is also different. For this purpose, people can increase or decrease the secondary eccentric block. When a large exciting force is required, the secondary block can be fastened and connected to the eccentric device by a bolt, otherwise, remove the secondary block.
Technical Parameters of Double Cylinder Vertical Vibration Mill:

Model 2ZM-100 2ZM-200 2ZM-400 2ZM-800 2ZM-1200
Grinding Method dry method, wet method, open circuit, closed circuit
Feeding Particle Sise 0-25 mm
Discharge Particle Size 0.3-0.074 mm
Cylinder Volume (L) 100 200 400 800 1200
Capacity (t/h) 0.1-1.5 0.2-3 0.5-5 1-10 1-16
Amplitude (mm) 9-14 9-14 8-11 7-9 7-9
Power (kw) 17-22 22-37 45-55 55-75 75-90
vibration frequency (times/min) 16.3 16.3 16.3 16.3 16.3
Weight (t) 2.5 4 6.6 11.5 14
Dimensions (L*W*H) (mm) 2612*1654*2054 2900*1884*2378 3800*2350*24900 4843*2956*2510  


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